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Amazones Eco Land new offer

lesbian weddings

Looking for a special venue to host an intimate wedding?

Amazones Eco Land might just be the space you are looking for.


Lesbian love

Amazones Eco Land is a safe space for women who love women, a very special land nested in a quiet valley overlooking the Aegean sea. Our facilities are custom-made to host intimate lesbian weddings.


A large platform with sea views is the perfect space for you to exchange your vows in front of loved ones. A village of luxury glamping tents is waiting to host those who will share this special moment with you. Our team of women is here to hold the space with care - from food to music through to activities; you focus on your love, and we'll take care of the rest.

Organising your wedding with us

Amazones is not just a space, it is first and foremost a community of women committed to supporting, upholding, and fostering lesbian love.

We offer an opt-in/opt-out menu for you to choose from: Want to sit back and relax? We take care of everything. Want to be more involved and know exactly what you want? We custom design the space according to your needs.

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