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Sat, Jun 29


Lesbos Prefecture, Lesbos, Greece


Live for 6 days as Amazones warriors once did. In community, dancing by the fire, mastering our bodies, eating from the abundant earth.

Time & Location

Jun 29, 2024, 10:00 AM – Jul 05, 2024, 5:00 PM

Lesbos Prefecture, Lesbos, Greece

About the event


The call of the Amazónes.

It’s a sound that hasn’t been heard in its full potency for centuries.

Until now…

We are gathering on the Greek island of Lesvos – where a tribe of warrior women once lived – on Amazónes Eco Land, 7 acres of beautiful, wild land, created by women from around the world.

For 6 days, will live as we once did….

On the land, in community, sleeping under the stars, dancing by the fire, mastering our bodies, eating from the abundance of the earth.

Daily Breathwork, daily Bodywork, Amazónian Storytelling, Sacred Tarot Circles, Meditations and Vocal Activations. As well as swimming in the Aegean sea, hikes to sacred spots, hyper-local organic food, full moon activations and nature parties.

We will listen to the pulse of the land and move with the rhythms of our bodies. We will experience a wilderness and a freedom, unimaginable to so many today.

We will live, once again, in harmony with Mother Earth.

This is a sacred, ancestral Activation – hosted by Amazónes, humans, women, nomads, teachers – who have devoted their lives to liberation.

The feminine has been subjugated in all ways, in all bodies, in all corners of the globe, for longer than we can remember.

It is time to come together, to understand, to feel and to release the chains

that shackle all people and the planet.

This is a call to leaders, healers, shamans, creators, dreamers, medicine women, Amazónes, those who remember a distant past and can imagine bright new futures.

This is an invitation to all who want to step into their true power on this earth.

This is the call of the Amazónes.

It is a sound that hasn’t been heard and felt on this earth for far too long.


Clare Hand

An old Amazóne soul, she has trained countless people on the island and around the world. A qualified personal trainer and yoga instructor, she incorporates various forms of body mastery and liberation (yoga, callisthenics, gymnastics, jujitsu flow, animal flow). Clare’s unique trainings are an act of worship to the vitality, capacity and sovereignty of our bodies. Prior to launching this retreat, Clare is spending the month of May volunteering in the Refugee Gym on the island of Lesvos, where she will train the women’s group every evening.


Nat Keany

A world renowned breathwork facilitator, Nat has over 15 years experience holding space for people as they unearth and explore through breath & body. Nat has spent her life healing herself - and others - from the shackles of past trauma and oppression. She works to ground us in the bliss of the present moment. Nat is grounded like an oak tree, she floats through the world lovingly passing on what she has learnt and embodied. Prior to this retreat, Nat will be hosting her first breathwork facilitator training in the UK. 


Beatriz Soto Digerolamo

A heart-centred Healer, Shamanic and Intuitive Mentor & Medicine Woman, she shares her abundant gifts with all who cross her path. Beatriz’s life journey has led her to a deep remembrance of her essence, a journey in which her inner feminine continuously calls her into her true and expression, living and leading through her wide-open heart. She experiences life as a journey of embodying her soul gifts – her voice has always been her greatest healer, leading her to a deeper purpose, bringing healing to others through an expression of love, liberation and joy. We are honoured to have this powerful healer and beaming heart grace our space and activate our vocal chords – the call of the Amazónes hasn’t been heard in centuries, this space has chosen Beatriz as the Medicine woman to awaken that Ancient Sound once again.


Mammavana Gi

The Godmother of the Amazónes, Vana is a Greek mystic, tarot reader, energy healer, magician and storyteller who has wandered the world, holding sacred space for over thirty years (and many, many lifetimes before that). Vana’s tales of Amazónian tribes around the world, allow you to voyage through time and space, to walk through lands and terrains you may once have walked. She tells the tales that have been lost and removed from history, from our perspective. Vana’s storytelling 4 years ago on the Greek  island of Lesvos, re-activated this Amazónian lineage – she sewed seeds that are flowering in ways we cannot even envision. She will treat us to a Sacred Tarot Circle Workshop and an evening of Amazonian Storytelling by the fire, under the light of the July Full Moon. This event alone is enough to travel the 7 seas to experience.



This retreat is grounded in the divine feminine. Though feminine energy resides in all bodies, this retreat is aimed at those whose feminine is dominant. We are extremely welcoming to trans and queer women. Also to non-binary people who embody the merging of gender expressions.


This is a body-based retreat, with daily movement, physical activity, developing strength, power, mobility and flexibility. Training sessions will be inspired by international methods of body mastery and liberation – yoga, callisthenics, gymnastics, jiu-jitsu flow and animal flow. There will also be more low-key, deep unwinding sessions rooted in stretching, flexibility and Yin yoga. We strive to tune our trainings to a level that is suitable to all fitness levels – those who want to push their trainings to the next level can, those who want to take it easier can too. You can always go for a swim, walk, tea, coffee when we’re in bodywork session. You can opt to meditate or stretch simultaneously at your own rhythm. Freedom, listening to your body and choosing in the moment what your body wants and needs is the cornerstone of this retreat. The rural nature of the land is also not accommodating to those with physical disabilities at this stage. We are working on this as Amazónes Eco Land develops.


This is a deep, powerful modality, it is used to release trauma, to breathe life into all cells. In this process, edges will be met, past experiences will be unearth (from this and other lives), and present realisations will rise to the surface of your awareness.. Rest assured, we will be held in a safe container, Nat is a leading breathwork facilitator, she creates a safe and nurturing container with plenty of time for integration. We will also be nestled in the palms of the rolling hills and breathtaking landscpaes of Amazónes land.


Amazónes Eco Land is the home of the Amazónes. In the quiet, traditional town of Mesotopos on the Greek island of Lesvos. This is an incredibly unique part of the world, traditional way of life, open minded locals completely attuned with the land.

Amazónes is a raw, wild, beautiful 7 acres of land coved in oak, olive, orange, walnut trees. With awe inspiring views of the Aegean Sea, the sun rising over the rolling hills of the area – to breath in this view and this air in the morning light – it is indescribable. 

We are going glamping – to keep the container, to revive and rewild, we will live together, as a community, on the land, under the stars. 

Each luxury glamping tent has ample room for two Amazónes. Our glamping tents are equipped with mattresses, blankets and towels, beautiful decorations. 

We have communal bathrooms, showers, a shared kitchen – we will eat together twice a day, with snacks and drinks available throughout. All food at Amazónes Eco Land is a vegetarian/vegan and from the ground on which you tread. 

There are options for solo tents, please let us know in advance. 

There are options to stay in a nearby hotel (extra charge of €35 a night to stay

in a nearby hotel)


  • 5 Nights’ Accommodation on Amazónes Eco Land
  • 5x Organic Local Breakfast 
  • 5 x Dinner (local food, prepped by local hands)
  • Snacks & drinks throughout the day
  • Daily Bodywork with Clare (1-2 session a day: different styles of yoga, movement meditation, integrated with playful animal flows, jujitsu flow & callisthenics)
  • Daily Breathwork with Nat
  • Amazónian Voice Activation Workshop with Beatriz
  • Sacred Tarot Circle Workshop with Vana
  • Full Moon Amazónian Storytelling with Vana
  • Amazonian Adventure Trips: Swimming & Hiking to sacred spots & secret beaches
  • Sunset Meditation 
  • Fireside Nature Party on Amazónes Land


  • Flights
  • Airport Transfers


  • Amazónes Eco Land is in Mesotopos, on the south-west side of the Island of Lesvos.
  • Direct Flights operate between London Stansted and Mytilene every Thursday through Jet2. Also direct flights from The Netherlands.
  • There are multiple daily flights from Athens and Thessaloniki to Mytilene.
  • Mesotopos is a 1.20 minute drive from Mytilene Airport (we can arrange taxi transfers or car rental for our Amazónes and advise on the best method of travel for you)


Thursday 29th June - Tuesday 4th July 2023

6 days - 5 nights 

Cost:  £899 / €999 for 12 / 15 Amazones 


Whatsapp: +447946858273

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